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During the Big Wild Ride 1200K course recon roadtrip in the beginning of last April, we were excited and surprised to find that the road shoulder was clear, clean, and wide north and south of Talkeetna. No regrets, but we sure wish we had figured that out years ago.

Like many of the towns we like to start our rides in, Talkeetna appeals to us in more ways than just clear shoulders and good riding. With great places to stay, wonderful restaurants, fresh beers, and its own bike shop, Talkeetna is a great destination in and of itself!

So, join us on our inaugural rides out of Talkeetna this coming April 21. Check our ride schedule for all the importantĀ ride details.

Several riders have told us they’re looking to put a carpool/ride share together to get to the start. That’s a great idea. If you’d like to arrange a ride, the best place to coordinate that is on our AK Randonneurs Google Group. It just takes a second to join.

Looking forward to seeing you at the start!

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