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Our riding season really gets going this weekend. Already we've had several 100K and 200K rides in Talkeetna, Palmer, and Homer. More riders have been riding with the Alaska Randonneurs than ever; randonneuring continues to grow in popularity.

This Saturday we're offering two rides. One worthy of a roadtrip up to the Denali Highway, the other beginning right here in Anchorage.

If you want to go north, you can join Carlos Lozano for his legendary Denali Gravel Grinder, aka the Denali Classic. The magic of the Denali Gravel Grinder is that just before each Labor Day weekend, the Alaska DOT grades all of the washboard off the Denali Highway, leaving over 300Km of smooth, hard dirt highway that's perfect for riding! Carlos puts on a magnificent event. The vistas are incredible, with views of Deborah, Hayes, and Hess, and the lodges along the course offer great food and hospitality. As a bonus, you can ride the Gravel Grinder as a 200Km ACP brevet. So, if you're looking to add some more sanctioned km for this season, the Denali Classic is a double bonus! More info HERE.

If you're sticking around Anchorage, and looking for a longer ride, come ride the Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 300Km brevet. This is a beautiful course that roams through all the communities between South Anchorage and Palmer. If you're aiming to achieve a full Super Randonneur series this season, you're going to need this ride.

Either way there's a fantastic ride to suit you this weekend. Come ride with us!

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