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Come ride with us this weekend on our classic ride through the Chugach Mountains. Randonneurs in Alaska have been riding this course for nearly ten years now. The beauty and challenge of riding from Turnagain Arm to Resurrection Bay is the appeal that keeps riders coming back. All the ride details are HERE.

This ride begins to tap into the more serious long distances. With that in mind, part of the format is its characteristic early morning start. We begin this ride at 04:00 for a few reasons:


1) To get riders who aspire to the long rides a little experience riding in the wee hours of the night/morning.
2) To allow both the 200K and 400K riders the opportunity to ride to Seward together; safety in numbers.
3) There's usually less wind along Turnagain Arm early in the morning.
4) To allow the 200K riders to catch the train in Seward back to Anchorage.
Regardless of which ride you choose, you'll get a great day of adventure on the bike. These courses have lots of opportunities to resupply along the way: Girdwood Station, Turnagain Pass, Summit Lake Lodge, Moose Pass, and of course Seward.
Many people riding the 200K catch the train back to Anchorage the same day. Others get a room in Seward and ride back the next day. Some have friends or family meet them in Seward and spend the rest of the weekend there. There are all kinds of options for riding the Anchorage/Seward 200K.
Randonneuring is about the pure joy and challenge of the ride. Come ride with us!

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