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Come ride the Richardson Highway. It's a dream to ride. It's quiet and wild, it twists and curves, it traverses the Alaska range…and it's a dying breed. Roads like this won't be around forever. Transportation departments are straightening and flattening them into dull, lifeless stretches of asphalt.

Here are 5 +1 reasons to come ride the Richardson this weekend on one of the Solstice brevets:

1) The forecast up there is for sun & 77 degrees!

2) The Richardson was made for riding.

3) The Fireweed is closer than you think!

4) You want to qualify early for the 2013 Big Wild Ride.

5) The pie at the Lodge at Black Rapids.

6) BONUS Reason – It's a spectacular, scenic adventure!

All ride info may be found HERE.

Don't miss it this year. Come ride with us!

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