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Considering the weather, Saturday's turnout for the Palmer Backroads was amazing. As the wind howled and torrents from from the sky, 27 riders took off from Vagabond Blues to tackle Lazy Mountain. At the turnaround at the Nash Farm, conditions began to improve, and by the time riders went through the Bodenburg Butte control, things were looking pretty nice. Congratulations to all the finishers. Even with the weather being so challenging, the DNF rate was incredibly low; a true testament to the determination of the randonneuring spirit!

For a good look at the Palmer Backroads 100K, check out the Through-the-Lens feature on the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman's website next Tuesday. Here's a little teaser.


Next weekend is our 12-Hour Team Randonnée. This is a great event that really emphasizes camaraderie, and is growing in popularity. It's similar to a regular 200K brevet, except that it's a little shorter (180Km), the teams determine the start location and the course to the finish at the Eagle River Ale House, and riders have to ride together.

All the details and steps to create your course are HERE. RUSA's specific, but simple, Dart rules are HERE.

Come ride with us!

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