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Perhaps the most joyful part of organizing randonneuring events here in Alaska is the opportunity to share our beautiful state with like-minded and adventurous cyclists from around the world. This July 21st nearly 50 randonneur cyclists will gather to embark on a grueling self-supported journey, challenging both mind and body, to ride 1,200km (750 miles) from Valdez, through Fairbanks, to Anchorage in 90 hours or less.

The Big Wild Ride is now an established part of the growing worldwide randonneuring tradition empasizing determination, self sufficiency, and friendly camaraderie to get the ride done. We welcome the 2013 BWR riders, and are excited to have you join us on Alaska's grand randonnée.

The success of this ride is due exclusively to the wonderful volunteers from throughout Alaska's randonneuring community, and to the generous sponsors who eagerly returned to help underwrite this event: Speedway Cycles, 49th State Brewery, Comfort Inn Ship Creek, Alaska Railroad, Mountain Sky Hotel, Enterprise Car Rental, Team Estrogen. This ride wouldn't be possible without them. Thanks to all of them. We look forward to seeing you on the course this year!

2013 BWR Schedule of Events:

7/19 – 18:00 Bike Check/Meet & Greet – Speedway Cycles, 1231 W. Northern Lights Blvd., Anchorage

7/20 – 09:45 AK Railroad departs for Whittier
7/20 – 13:45 Alaska State Ferry M/V Aurora departs for Valdez
7/21 – 15:00 Bike check, Valdez
7/21 – 22:00 Rider Sign In
7/21 – 23:59 Big Wild Ride Start!
7/25 – 17:00 Finish Banquet begins
7/25 – 18:49 Finish Control Closes
We hope to see you at the start, or somewhere along the course!

The rando season is progressing, and it's been an amazing season so far! This weekend is our annual Anchorage/Seward/Anchorage 200K/400K brevets. Need to get some serious distance before the Fireweed? This is the ride you want to be on.
We've been offering this ride for over six years now. It's a classic. It's legendary in its aesthetic, style, and beauty: The mountains and ocean experience is breathtaking on the bike.
The 400K is a traditional out-n-back course, putting you on familiar ground for the return leg for a psychological advantage. It's simple, straight-forward, no-nonsense, and you can't get lost! Both the 200K and the 400K rides depart South Anchorage at 04:00.
I get a lot of grief about the pre-dawn start, but the Turnagain Arm is breathtaking at those hours. Traffic is very low, you've got great opportunities to see some critters on the hills, it works with your natural circadian rhythm, and it puts the 200K riders in Seward with enough time to catch the train back to Anchorage! And you know how I love that multi-modal transpo stuff!!
Live a little. Weekends were never for sleeping in.
Anyway, the days are long this time of year, and this latitude doesn't do much to accommodate night riding. We hear from our rando brothers and sisters Outside about the magic of riding through the night. It's great, and I urge you to give it a try. Riding in the pre-dawn grey of the morning is a transformative experience. And frankly, if you've ever considered qualifying and riding one of the big rides Outside, or one of the RM 1200Ks, you better get some experience riding during the wee hours.
Everything you need to know about this weekend's 200K/400K brevets is HERE and HERE.
See you at the start!

You all know that we had to push the Anch/Palmer/Anch 200K/300K back by a week. Now they're on the same date as the Denali Highway 200K. Damn, that's a tough decision.

We had our BWR volunteers' meeting last week. Great turnout. Committed and involved people who're excited to make the BWR happen. 

If you're not signed up the this year's BWR, there are still spots available. But, if the BWR 1200K is a bit much to bite off this season, consider coming up for our Solstice 600K. It's sort of a mini-BWR. It covers the finest 200K section of the BWR – an unbelievalbly beautiful section of the remote Richardson Highway that passes through the Alaska Range. Check it out…the Richardson is actually the original trail used by the prospectors back in the 1800s to get to the Interior!

There are lots of flights available. If you've always wanted to ride Alaska, do it this year over summer solstice!

This July cyclists from around the world will gather in Valdez to ride 1200Km (750 miles) from the shore of Prince William Sound, through Fairbanks, to Anchorage, in less than 90 hours.

Modeled after the legendary Paris-Brest-Paris 1200Km Randonnée, and sanctioned by Randonneurs Mondiaux, The Big Wild Ride is part of the global randonneuring tradition, and is renowned for its adventure, challenge, and beauty.

Come be an integral part of the experience. The Big Wild Ride needs checkpoint volunteers and drivers, SAG wagon driver, and bike and bag loaders. Volunteering for The Big Wild Ride allows you to be involved first-hand in the exciting and challenging world of long-distance, endurance bicycling.

Where: Speedway Cycles - 1231 W Northern Lights Blvd  Anchorage, AK

When: May 15th, 6:00PM

The Big Wild Ride is the premier event hosted by the Alaska Randonneurs, and is sanctioned by Randonneurs USA, Audax Club Parisien, and Randonneurs Mondiaux.

For additional information, contact the Alaska Randonneurs:



Come Ride With Us!

Bike-to-Work Month just started today, and Alaska randonneurs already have ridden 9,600Km!

Randonneuring season is in full swing. Need to put the adventure and challenge back in your ride? Training for the Fireweed 400 or a big charity ride this summer? Or, simply just want a reason to spend a day on the bike? Come ride with us!

We’ve got a full ride schedule of scenic, inspiring, and challenging rides ahead of us. The Talkeetna 100K and 200K offered great riding and a full day of stunning views of Denali. The Palmer Spring Classic packed downtown Palmer with 94 riders starting off on a bluebird, but blustery day.

Next up is the Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K/300K. It’s a wonderful and rambling course offering a surprising amount adventure through neighborhoods and towns we’re all mostly familiar with; no getting lost on this one. 200K and 300K riders share the majority of the courses – more fun, camaraderie, and safety in numbers!

Here are preliminary maps of the two courses:

Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K

Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 300K

Our 2013 Season

Again, over the Memorial Day weekend, this year we’re offering a randonneuring option to AEA’s Denali Gravel Grinder. Shortly after that, we host our legendary Ronde van Anchorage 100K. For Solstice, it’s back up to Gakona to ride the Richardson – arguably the finest 200Km stretch of road in the entire state of Alaska!

July brings the return of The Big Wild Ride Grand Randonnée. Again, riders from around the world will gather on the shores of Prince William Sound in Valdez to ride 1,200Km through Fairbanks to Anchorage in 90 hours or less.

Our schedule lightens up in late summer and early fall with a brilliant course around Anchorage and Eagle River, designed by legendary, local cycling hard-man Bob Voris. Then we’re down to Homer to enjoy the fall colors and take-your-breath-away views of Kachemak Bay on the End-of-the-Road 100K/200K.

Our full ride schedule is HERE.

Volunteer For The Big Wild Ride

Want to experience randonneuring at the international level? Want to contribute to an event that’s bigger than us all? Volunteer for the Big Wild Ride. Whether you want to be involved for a day or a week, it’s an event where you’ll make a meaningful impact and gain a tremendous amount of satisfaction by being an integral part.

Renew Your RUSA Membership

Finally, now’s a great time to renew your membership or join RUSA. In addition to being able to qualify for various prestigious awards, RUSA members receive a subscription to American Randonneur, plus a copy of the RUSA members’ handbook. The handbook alone is worth the cost!

Come join us this Saturday for the Palmer Spring Classic – we'll put you on some mind-blowing backroads that are scenic, inspiring, and challenging! If you've never ridden The Valley roads, you're in for a real treat. The Palmer area has developed quite a reputation for high-quality, destination road riding.

The Palmer Spring Classic has something for everyone – just got your bike out of the garage? Come ride the 50K. Been spinning most of the winter? Then you're good for the 100K. You skied and rode your fatbike all winter? The full 200K is the one for you! Regardless of which ride you choose, one of the most exciting features of the Palmer Spring Classic is that riders on all three courses start and ride the first 40K together! It's a great way to discover and share the friendly spirit and challenge of randonneuring!

All ride details are HERE!

Come ride with us!

Talkeetna was a blast! The town absolutely rocks – the streets were filled w/ happenin' folks, bikes everywhere, not a cloud in the sky, stunning views of Denali, lots of airplane noise, and the afternoon sun beating down on us. We've found a home for our opening-season rides. This is the second year we've started the season off in Talkeetna, and it makes complete sense: clear road shoulders, low traffic, fantastic restaurants and cafes, fresh beer, good music, and great places to stay. We'll be back next April. In the meantime though, look for us this coming July 22-25 while we're there during The Big Wild Ride.

The Talkeetna 100K/200K was a great ride. The Talkeetna Roadhouse started us off right by opening early with a special riders' power breakfast. Lots of new riders, and several familiar faces joined us at the crisp, but bright 8AM ride start on Main Street. It turns out it was a really good call to postpone the ride by a week. The weather cooperated nicely with temps getting downright balmy in the afternoon. Ride results have been posted HERE.

Next up, we're headed to Palmer. The Palmer Spring Classic offers something for everyone; it's a spectacular ride through the backroads of The Valley. The Palmer Spring Classic is huge collaboration between Backcountry Bike & Ski, The Valley Mountain Bikers & Hikers, and the Alaska Randonneurs.

If you've just pulled the bike out of the garage, consider riding the 50K. If you've been skiing a bit last winter, maybe the 100K will be good for you. But, if you've already been on the bike a little this winter and spring, sign up for the 200K. All course overlap, so you're certain to find someone familiar to ride with.

Come ride some new roads, make some new friends, and challenge yourself at the Palmer Spring Classic. See you at Vagabond Blues for the start!

The roads are open, and in fine condition! The 2013 season opener 100K/200K rides are happening this weekend. See you bright and early for a special power-breakfast at The Talkeetna Roadhouse!

Here are all the details:


Let's ride!

Sorry, folks. The shoulders are still too icy. Therefore, we're moving the ride to Saturday, April 20th.

See you then!

Cast your cruelty aside, April. We’re riding anyways!

Come join us in Talkeetna next Saturday, April 13th, for the launch of the 2013 Alaska randonneuring season.

Talkeetna is a great destination town for us with its wonderful hotels, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and brewery. The Talkeetna Roadhouse is rolling out the red carpet for us with a special early-morning riders’ breakfast to help fuel our ride. Rooms are available for next Friday night, so you don’t have to do that pre-dawn, blurry-eyed drive on Saturday morning before the ride. Plus, the state DOT does a magnificent job at clearing the road shoulders, making for fantastic early-season cycling.

All the details, including documents, for our Talkeetna 100K/200K rides are HERE.

Renew your RUSA membership for 2013 HERE. The rider handbook and quarterly newsletter are a tremendous value.

We’ve put together a full summer of incredibly scenic, adventurous, rich and challenging rides for you all across our beautiful state. Make this the summer you ride them all!

To encourage that idea, we’re offering a special deal. Pay for a full Super Randonneur series (200K, 300K, 400K, 600K) for the regular price of $150, and ride any and all of our other rides for F-R-E-E! (except the BWR, of course.) That's a tremendous value, and it's simply because we want you to just get out and ride.

No doubt you’ve noticed how many new 200K rides we’ve added to our calendar the past few seasons. The 200K distance is sort of the magic length for a full day on the bike. But, we’re also really working to encourage riders to discover how approachable our 300K, 400K, and 600K rides are for the typically fit cyclist. Our courses are intelligently designed to serve the needs of long-distance cyclists, both novice and experienced. And even our most remote courses offer plenty of controls along the way to resupply and sustain your ride to the finish.

If you’ve ridden any of our 200K rides before, consider exploring the challenge of a longer ride this summer. A full Super Randonneur series is a tremendous cycling achievement. With a dash of determination, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly within reach.

April 13             Talkeetna 100K/200K

April 20                  ABC Moose Run TT

April 27             Palmer Spring Classic 50K/100K/200K

May 5                     Bike for Women TT

May 18                  Clean Air Challenge

May 18             Anch-Palmer-Anch 200K/300K

May 19                  Gold Nugget Triathlon

May 25             Denali Hwy 200K

June 1              Anch-Seward-Anch 200K/400K

June 9                   Tour de Cure

June 16            Ronde Van Anchorage Populaire 100K

June 22            Solstice 200K/400K/600K

June 29               Ride for Life

July 12-13            Fireweed 400

July 21-24         The Big Wild Ride 1200K

August 24         Eagle River 100K/200K

September 14    Homer End-of-the-Road 100K/200K


Come ride with us!

Rando Info Night 2013

Come learn everything there is to know about randonneuring in Alaska. Rando info night at REI will lay it all out for you to make sure you get a solid jump on your most enjoying, adventurous, and challenging riding season ever.

We’ll discuss ride formats, randonneuring history, riding styles & strategies, training, nutrition, bicycles, clothing, gear & equipment, details about our courses, volunteering, pre-rides, 1200Km rides, and The Big Wild Ride.

Where: REI Anchorage – 1200 West Northern Lights Blvd

When: 6PM, Thursday March 28th



Winter Bike Fest 2013

Winter City Urban Randonnée

Winter Bike Fest 2013 is here with winter cycling events all month long!

Winter City Urban Randonnée

Come ride the Winter City Urban Randonnée February 17, 2013 — a rolling fund-raiser for the Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage put on by the Alaska Randonneurs. It’s an opportunity for all cyclists to support BCA while experiencing the adventurous style of randonneuring cycling.

Last year nearly 100 riders traversed Anchorage on the Winter City 50K. This year again choose between two courses – a 30Km or 50Km winter-day’s ride through the heart of Anchorage on track and trail.

Progress from checkpoint to checkpoint, navigating between food and stops along the way. See how easy it is to winter bicycle commute in Anchorage. It’s an event, but not a race– so don’t dally!

Where: Peanut Farm – 5227 Old Seward Hwy.
When: Sunday, February 17.
Why: Fund-raiser for the BCA
How far: 30K or 50K courses
Registration: 8:00-8:45
Ride begins: 9:00
Cost: $20 to support the BCA.


2/18/13 – The Bicycle Commuters of Anchorage bring Portland's Filmed By Bike to Anchorage for one show only. Experience humor, adventure, romance, intrigue, and quirkiness, all filmed by bike! It's an exciting collection of shorts from Filmed By Bike's 2010 and 2012 collection of films. Also, local gravity shorts by AK-based film producer jgsconcepts

Doors open at 6:00. Show begins at 6:30. $10 suggested donation, or get in free if you are an existing BCA member or if you become or renew your membership.

The Big Wild Ride 1200K was our most ambitious and successful project to date. And it could hardly have turned out better, both for the huge staff of wonderful volunteers, and for all our riders. We absolutely loved the whole experience of bringing riders from all around the world up here to enjoy what we love so much about Alaska – an enormous wild challenge.

Because we knew it was going to be a memorable event, we gathered a team of four photographers and videographers to record the event. They're all local Alaskans, and all posess an abundance of creative talent.

The result is an expansive and rich photographic collection showing the individual human challenge and the grit to perservere across a 1,200Km swath of interior Alaska, from Valdez to Fairbanks, to Anchorage. The scope of drama and emotion captured by the BWR photo team, within the 90-hour time limit the Big Wild Ride riders had to complete the course, is uplifing, moving and inspiring.

We made so many great friends during The Big Wild Ride. We're grateful to the BWR photo team for faithfully saving so much of the experience for us to savor.

The Big Wild Ride Photographic Exhibition
Reception: 5:00-7:00 November 2, 2012
Side Street Espresso
412 G Street
Anchorage, Alaska


Good thing we canceled the Kenai Backroads brevet. One of our local Kenai riders sent us this shot of the K Beach Road section of the course. This would've been a show-stopper.

Washout on K Beach Road

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